Jordan offers places of great natural healing powers that have been helping people for thousands of years.
Come and enjoy swimming in the Dead Sea, the 30% salty water will make you float easily, come and enjoy the hot sun and get treatment from psoriasis, Vitiligo & Akne, Neurodermitis, Rheuma, Psoriasis athopatica, and Uycltis.

The Healing Power of the Dead Sea the natural way.
The Dead Sea lies 400 meters below sea level in the Jordan Valley between Israel and Jordan. The dead sea is well Known for its healing natural powers that the Ancient Egyptians used in there beauty treatments.
               The natural pleasant therapy consisting of filtered sunlight, the Dead Sea water, the Pollen free air and the good rest clears the skin lesions for longer remission periods and avoids the serious side effects caused by other therapeutic regimes.
            The intense salinity of the Dead Sea originates in it's extreme content of Salts and minerals which actually are the highest of all seas in the world. Especially high concentrations of Magnesium, Calcium (anti-allergic effect), Bromine (relaxing effect), Potassium and of Bitumen which make the skin more photosensitive and also have and anti-inflammatory effect. The Dead Sea salts and mineral concentration reaches 27-30%. There is an unique content of highly oxygen's air which is caused by the high rate of evaporation of the water due to high temperatures all year round, low humidity and high atmospheric pressure. These climate conditions create a special atmospheric layer that outfitters the majority of the harmful UVB rays through the atmospheric layer creating a favorable UVA/UVB ratio.
Special Beauty and weight loss programs
           The dark mud found on the shores of the Dead Sea is suitable for therapeutic and beauty purposes as well. The well trained therapists and specialists from Europe, the Far East and the Middle East will make sure that you are getting the right treatment that suites your needs. our programs will help you relax , refresh your mind, body and spirit. Special Beauty programs that includes:
* The ANTI AGEING programs.
* Dry floating Bath wraps
* Hydrotherapy Treatments
* Swedish massage
* weight loss programs
* Manicure, Peidure, and waxing treatments
* Massage and fitness programs to fit all needs.
The Hot Springs of Zarqa Ma'in
        2000 years ago the natural healing powers of the Dead Sea and it's surrounding hot springs were already well known. 'Callirhoe' (beauty bath). The same thermal waters that once eased the aches and pains of Herod the Great some 2,000 years ago are being tapped again, in full force and grand style, for therapeutic benefit of today's health-cum-holiday enthusiasts. Open since 1988 and receiving visitors from near and far, the Ma'in Spa Village is Jordan's hospitable answer to anyone seeking not only a physical cure but also a healing escape from the enervating pressures of urban life: The Ma'in Spa Village, a modern resort center nestled in a quiet valley, away from it all, amid a remarkable abundance of hot mineral springs.
        Rising with pressured force from a molten depth of 1,200 meters beneth the earth's surface, the Zarqa Ma'in hot waters spring forth at 59 different outlets, some in a gentle bubble, others in cascading streams. The biggest and most spectacular is Esh-Shallal ("waterfall" in Arabic), nature's own centerpiece and focal attraction in the valley; it tumbles down over the water-worn boulders for ten of meters before merging with the cold river below.
          The springs are extremely hot, reaching a temperature of 64C - far above the accepted spa minimum of 35C. They also hold a very high concentration of mineral salts, accumulated from the rich and many-layered properties of Ma'in's rocky depths. According to accepted standards, a spring is rated as mineral if the total portion of its dissolved salts is not less than 1,000 per million. Those at Zarqa Ma'in tested at 2,000 per million.

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