Early morning breakfast and off for a short visit of Amman then to the train station to take one of the oldest steam trains in the world , trio and music on the train , also free drinks and canape , but wait hold on to your seats the train is attacked by the Bedouins and the bedouins take one of the ladies from the group , but as it turns out , these Bedouins are our good friends and we are all invited to their tents to have tea and coffee (served by your five star catering until ) we depart to Madaba , mount Nebo stop at the eagle point on top of the mountains of the Mojeb valley to enjoy the beautiful sight of the mountains while the sun shine reflect its golden color on the dark soil of the Mojeb valley . Lunch and a Piano Player will be over looking this magnificent sight . As the day unwinds we depart to the beautiful rose city of Petra , arrival at the hotel with welcome drinks , short rest & then Dinner around the swimming pool , O/N .